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The Calgary Herald consistently delivers award-winning journalism to its readers. This year (2012), the Herald has already received two national awards from Newspapers Canada’s “Great Ideas” competition; two nominations from the News Photographers Association of Canada; two awards from the International Newsmedia Marketing Association and an award of excellence from the Society for News Design (SND.) The Herald’s Swerve magazine also received two awards of excellence from SND this year and four honourable mentions from the National Magazine Awards, along with 10 nominations and three awards from the Western Magazine Awards.

In 2011, the Herald won two Canadian newspaper awards along with nominations for a Michener, a National Newspaper award and 16 Western and National magazine prizes.

In the five-year-period from 2005 to 2010, the Herald received nine National Newspaper awards and citations of merit; 12 Canadian Newspaper Association awards; and recognition from the prestigious Michener Awards, the Daniel S. Pearl Awards and the Commonwealth Press Union. During the same period, Swerve magazine was given nine National Magazine Awards and 19 Western Magazine Awards.