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Relevant. Local. Trusted.

laptop-apr2013 is a leading local content destination site, reaching more unique visitors than any other local site in Calgary (835,000 unique visitors in February 2013 as per comScore). is an extension of our trusted brand providing current, relevant and convenient content within the local community we serve.

In addition to in-depth news, business, sports and arts coverage, offers a wide variety of targeted channels such as life, health, tech and travel.

From the traditional leaderboard and big box ad units to tall block, top layer, dropkick, lightsout, window-shade, sidekick, filmstrip and catfish ads, offers a wide range of advertising solutions to reach your target audience starting at as little as $500 per campaign!

Local Monthly Unique Visitors

Local Monthly Unique Visitiors


Of the 864,000 unique visitors to for a 3 month average ending in March 2013:

  • 54% of unique visitors are in the key buying demographic of age 25-49
  • 33.5% of unique visitors have household income over $100,000
  • Visitors to are highly engaged, with an average time spent of 17 minutes per visitor