Herald TV

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Herald TV offers both professional video production and video channel opportunities. It’s designed to offer Calgary and Southern Alberta based businesses the chance to showcase their products and services through a high quality, engaging business profile video, delivering your message 24/7 on the leading local content destination site www.calgaryherald.com.

If you are looking for an interactive way to personalize your business, recruit staff, or speak directly to your customers by answering frequently asked questions, video is the avenue to all of this. It can be used as a video press release, to promote events, and customer testimonials to name a few.

Business Profiles are anchored by our energetic host, Angelica Bonaparte, who takes viewers through businesses in a wide range of industries. To see our introductory video, please click here.

Invest in the fastest growing online strategy. Factor in the promotional support included in most packages as well as the brand association with one of Calgary’s oldest, most trusted brands and the cost of our Herald TV packages quickly becomes unbeatable.

To download a copy of our Herald TV Rate Card Click Here