Neighbours Rates & Sizes

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September 2012 – August 2013 (Rates effective May 2, 2013)

Tabloid Frequency Rates

DescriptionBooking Size
Column x Lines
1 x Rate13 x Rate26 x Rate* Crossover
Full Page10 x 145$7,830$5,090$3,915$3,130
Half Page Vertical5 x 1454,7003,0552,3501,880
Half Page Horizontal10x724,7003,0552,3501,880
Quarter Page Square5 x 722,7401,7801,3701,095
Quarter Page Banner10x352,7401,7801,3701,095
Eighth Page5 x 351,5651,020785625
Double Truck21 x 14514,0959,1607,0455,640
* Crossover rate: re-run your Calgary Herald ad in the next issue of Neighbours to expand your reach to all households within the Calgary city limits.

Non-profit and charitable rate equivalent to the 26x frequency rate.

Colour Rates

One ColourTwo ColoursFull Colour
All rates are non-commissionable (net). For commissionable rates, gross up by 17.65%. Rates are subject to change without notice.