Product Distribution

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Choose to reach up to 350,000 homes in Calgary and surrounding rural areas or target by Forward Sortation Area (FSA – first ½ of postal code. e.g. T2L) in Calgary. You can effectively blanket all of Calgary and surrounding rural areas or specific areas targeted to your advertising message.   Projected Distribution Numbers are updated on a quarterly basis. This ensures we capture all of the deliverable homes in our distribution areas.


Your insert can be distributed in the Calgary Herald from Wednesday through Saturday. Based on a combination of Calgary Herald page count, the number, size and stock of booked inserts and insert zoning requirements, there is a physical and mechanical limit to the number of inserts we are able to distribute on any given day. Scheduling is based on a first-come, first-served basis and is subject to availability. Specialty product distribution is on Monday only based on availability.

Flyer Force

Your insert can be distributed via Calgary Flyer Force, a Postmedia Network Inc. company, which is a separate distribution system delivering flyers to non-Herald subscribers in Calgary and surrounding rural areas. Distribution is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Calgary and Friday for rural. Specialty product distribution is on Tuesday only based on availability.

New development areas are systematically checked and new homes and routes are added to our distribution. These additions are added to Area our projections on a quarterly update basis.

Do Not Deliver requests are honoured for both urban and rural distribution. This list is rotated back into our system on an 18 month basis. This ensures that new tenants/homeowners are given the chance to receive the flyer package if the home was previously a DND.

Every route is audited at least once quarterly by Reach Canada. Up to 2,800 calls are made per month. All complaints are followed up with the Area Distributor and carrier. Follow up audits may be done to ensure all issues are resolved.


  • Distribution is by FSA. Forward Sortation is a postal geographic area identified by the first three characters of the postal code. Some FSA’s have been divided on the Flyer Force side to provide finer distribution options.
  • Minimum quantity is 25,000 copies per insertion in the Herald and 10,000 in Flyer Force.
  • Minimum insert size is 3.5” x 6” (spine).
    Maximum insert size is 11.5” x 12.5” (spine).
  • Minimum insert thickness .005 of an inch.
    Under spec product must be folded to meet standards.
  • Minimum single sheet stock requirements – 80lb. gloss text or 60lb. uncoated book.
  • Accordion fold product is not acceptable.
  • Sample required for any product over 100 grams.


  • Flyers are accepted for inclusion in the Calgary Herald and distribution through Flyer Force when copy is not false or misleading, is in good taste and meets standards of acceptance that apply for all advertising in the Calgary Herald.
  • 1% over the distribution quantity is required as a cushion for mechanical inserting for both Calgary Herald and Flyer Force distribution quantities. This cushion is already included in the quantities provided by your sales representative.