Skid and Bundle Preparation

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Bills of lading must indicate total number of inserts shipped and total number of skids. Each skid should bear two skid tags on opposite sides of the skid, with the following information:

  • Identification of insert
  • Distribution date
  • Number of pieces on skid
  • Number of skids in shipment
  • Number of copies in each lift
  • Name of printer


Product must be stacked on solid-base, sturdy skids in good condition. Whenever possible, formed skids should not be used. A substantial protective cover must be placed on each skid before stacking to prevent inserts from becoming curled or distorted. The skid base must be mounted on runners not less than 3 3/4î high. A sturdy cardboard separator should be placed between layers to prevent shifting. A cardboard protector is required on the top of the inserts followed by a solid wood top with the same dimensions as the base. The skids must be banded four ways. Shrink wrap is optional. When it is used, vertical edges must be guarded with 90 degree protectors to prevent curling of the insert corners. Shrink wrapping is not an acceptable alternative to
banding. Skids should not be piled in excess of 4 feet high (4′ 0″).

Insert bundles

Insert bundles should never be tied with the exception of glossy inserts, if their shape or type of stock/ink cannot be piled loose on skids. Gloss stock inserts should be piled loose in a large sturdy corrugated container mounted on standard six skids. If this is not possible, they must be tied in bundles, using a single wide elastic band rather than string or plastic ties.


Inserts should be cross stacked in turns of approximately four inches (4″). See table below.

4 pages1504 ages200
6 - 10 pages1008 pages150
12-26 pages5012-20 pages100
Over 26 pages2524-52 pages50
Over 52 pages25
Mini-tab,Magazine, Brochure, CatalogueTurns of 4" thickness


Ship both Calgary Herald and Calgary Flyer Force inserts to our combined insert depot at:

Calgary Flyer Force
932 – 72 Avenue N. E.
Calgary, Alberta, T2V 8V9
(8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mon-Fri)

Multiple drop inserts must be separated and tagged appropriately prior to shipping.

Inserts running in both Herald and Flyer Force must be separated and tagged appropriately or they will not be accepted.