Specs & Guidelines

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File Types & Preparation

Interactive Advertising Bureau Standards & Specifications

Ad Standards + Creative Specs

Please contact your Postmedia Account Executive if you require further information regarding our Technical Specifications.

Unit NameDimensionsMax file sizeMax Frame RateMax Animation LengthNotes and Best Practices
Leaderboard728x9040 kb30 fps30 seconds or less; max 3 loopsAccepted file formats include: .GIF, .JPG, .PNG images,Adobe Flash .SWF, or HTML5Must provide a standard GIF/JPEG image backup file(40 KB or less; some Publishers may offer 60 KB or less for the 300x600 backup)
Big Box300x250
Half Page (Tall Block)300x600


How to save creative material

Please label files using the following naming convention:
Language_size_client_campaign_version.filetype (ex. en_300x250_abctowing_summercampaign_v1.swf)
Files uploaded in a compressed format (i.e., zip files) can exceed size parameters; proper naming convention is still required (e.g. en_300x250_abctowing_summercampaign_v1.zip)

Working with Flash creative

  • Flash ads should have “clickTag” coded into the creative. Please click here for clickTAG information
  • Static back-up image files (gif, jpg, png) are required for all flash files; size parameters still apply
  • Creative should always open a new browser window when clicked
  • Flash creative can animate for a maximum of 30 seconds or three loops. Refer to IAB specifications above.

How to send creative material

  • It is preferred to have files sent in a compressed format
  • Upload compressed files to us via our Online Ad Upload Page
  • Share