Why advertise with us?

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Why advertise online?

In the sophisticated Canadian media market, smart consumers expect retailers to have an online presence. There were 27,408,000 Canadians online in September 2012, and 89% of them (24,282,000) visited News and Information sites. This category has seen a 5% increase over July 2011. Newspaper websites (a sub-category of News and Information) had almost 17 million unique visitors in September 2012, spending an average of 36 minutes per visitor on newspaper sites.

(Source: comScore, Inc., Total Canada, All Locations, September 2012)

Why calgaryherald.com?

Brand Association – Associate your brand with credible editorial content from a trusted consumer brand, calgaryherald.com. Studies show that visitors to websites are more likely to trust advertising from newspaper websites than from other websites. A recent study from the Online Publisher’s Association confirms that ads on content websites tend to out-perform ads that run on portal sites and online ad networks – “Ads placed on content sites raise brand favorability and purchase intent significantly more than ads run on portals. Ads placed on content sites provide double the brand favorability and purchase intent than advertising placed within ad networks.” (Source: OPA – “Improving Ad Performance Online: The Impact of Advertising on Branded Content Sites,” Aug/08).

Affluent Audience – calgaryherald.com offers the ability to connect with a loyal, desirable and engaged audience. They are young, well-educated and internet savvy.

Guaranteed Audience – Campaigns on calgaryherald.com are purchased as a guaranteed number of impressions versus the projected audiences presented by virtually all other advertising mediums.

Reach Consumers 24/7 – Let the consumer decide when it is convenient for them to engage with your business.

Targeting – Campaigns can be purchased to reach a mass audience by incorporating other sites within the Postmedia network or can be highly specific in their targeting parameters to reach niche audiences (ie. content, geographic, time of day, domain, etc.).

Measurable Results – calgaryherald.com campaigns are served by a third party, DoubleClick (owned by Google), who provides detailed performance reports on all campaigns. Use the reports to verify campaign delivery, track campaign effectiveness or to test different creatives, product offers or targeting parameters to see which generate the best results.

Unbeatable Value – With a wide range of standard products to offer in addition to a variety of custom opportunities, calgaryherald.com can accommodate virtually any budget. All campaigns include ad serving costs, detailed performance reports and unparalleled creative courtesy of our award-winning Design team.

Customer Service – Your time is limited. We offer local, hands-on account executives here to help you every step of the way, as well as a support team of Digital Specialists who will help execute the best online advertising campaign for your budget.


calgaryherald.com Reach

calgaryherald.com truly has become an audience you can not afford to miss! calgaryherald.com reached 917,000 unique visitors and generated 18,011,372 million page views in September 2012!

(Sources: comScore Media Metrix, Total Canada, All Locations, Adobe SiteCatalyst, September 2012)
Trending Unique Visitors

Studies Show…

Advertisers have discovered that, as online destinations and advertising choices abound, it is more important than ever to put their best message in front of their best customers.

  • 3 million views on YouTube would be a once-in-a-lifetime smash hit. For newspaper websites, it’s Tuesday. (Source: Newspapers Canada 2012)
  • Newspaper websites are considered to be the most trusted news source for news online (Source: Marketwatch September 2011)
  • 73% of respondents indicate that they most often get news from newspaper websites, compared to 31% for Facebook and 11% for Twitter (Source: Marketwatch September 2011)
  • For Boomers (those age 45-65), the top online activities are “read the news” (73%) only topped by email (93%). (Source: Centre for Media Research)

That’s why local newspaper websites continue to gain momentum and are the place to be for trust, reliability, results and customer service.
Time Spent Per Visitor (Minutes)


Brand Association Increases Purchase Intent

A recent study from the Online Publishers Association confirms that ads on content websites tend to outperform ads that run on Portal sites and online ad networks:

  • Ads placed on content sites raise brand favorability and purchase intent significantly more than ads run on portals
  • Ads on content sites provide double the brand favorability and purchase intent than advertising placed with ad networks

Unique Selling Propositions

On calgaryherald.com, your ads will appear within a highly trusted context, reach a qualified local audience and leverage unique marketing opportunities.

  • Brand association – surround your brand with credible editorial content from a trusted consumer brand who has been in the Calgary market since 1883
  • Local content destination site – calgaryherald.com provides unparalleled local information on demand to consumers
  • Affluent audience – calgaryherald.com offers the opportunity to connect with an engaged, affluent and digital savvy audience
  • Multi-platform – extend your campaign across multiple media platforms through the variety of media offered by the Calgary Herald
  • Targeting – plan your campaign to meet high reach or highly targeted placement objectives
  • Integration – integrate your brand within customized content designed specifically to meet your campaign’s objective

By advertising with calgaryherald.com, you can have confidence that your message will be delivered.


Measuring Results

Postmedia utilizes DART, which includes DART Sales Manager (DSM) and DART for Publishers (DFP) – together these tools work as a comprehensive web-based ad management platform that enables Postmedia to effectively manage online ad serving and reporting. DART streamlines your ad management functions and allows you to generate ever-greater advertising margins. With DART, you will:

  • Make better decisions with comprehensive forecasting and decision-support tools
  • Improve campaign performance and ROI with detailed and actionable reporting
  • Differentiate your inventory with advanced targeting capabilities and the ability to traffic a variety of rich media campaigns with ease. With built-in targeting capabilities, DART offers you a wide array of targeting criteria to ensure you get the right message to the right person at the right time on the right device. DART allows you to segment audiences based on domain, geography, operating system, browser and time of day/day of week using the largest, most comprehensive database of mapped IP addresses available in the industry.

DoubleClick is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative and has been reviewed for compliance with NAI principles. The NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) is a cooperative of online marketing and analytics companies committed to building consumer awareness and establishing responsible business and data management practices and standards. In March 2008 DoubleClick was acquired by Google.